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Masterpieces Art Studio
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Masterpieces Art Studio is a very different kind of studio that offers a peaceful, quiet and comfortable environment.
All Tattoos are Custom and Drawn just for you. 

DG Wilson, an artist that tattoos... not just another tattoo artist also Paints Landscapes, Portraits, Murals, Writes books and so much more.

See the information below to discover why these are Masterpieces...NOT just tattoos. 

Scroll down to become informed on the Shop, the Artist, Prices, How to make an appointment, How to Heal a Tattoo, Other Art by DG Wilson & Products you can buy online.  There is much, much more on this site, click on the Site Map or the photos to find out even more about this unique artist...DG Wilson.

Masterpieces Improving Sex Lives since 1995!
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DG says, "The more they hurt, the BETTER they look!"

DG Wilson was the very first custom tattoo designer in NYC.  Way back in 1994 he had revolutionized the art that was sold to other artists world wide, was the first to hand draw custom tattoos for every customer and DG Wilson has been credited with changing the industry of tattoos from run of the mill Flash Art to Artistic Expressions.  Each and every design since then that DG tattoos for his patrons is hand drawn and customized for each unique individual.  Your Masterpiece will be expertly designed by the most experienced custom tattoo artist available.  Your tattoo will be superior to other tattoos because it was specifically designed for your skin, musculature, personality even your budget range. 

All you have to do is tell DG what you want, where you want it and about how much you wish  to spend and DG will take care of all the rest. 

At Masterpieces there is NO Flash art (pages from which you have to choose off the wall.)  You must have at  least a basic concept in mind for DG to draw for you.  If you have a more abstract idea, such as "I want my tattoo to say, feel or express this about me..." you CAN tell DG this and he will instantly throw a bunch of ideas at you. 

You can bring in images to show DG a style you like, an image that you enjoy and so on, but it is not necessary.

If you want a specific image do print it out and bring it with you.  Rest assured that DG will still put his artistic hand into the design and turn it into a Masterpiece for your personal body, expressing your inner personality.

80% of all tattoos are done on the spot.  Some Masterpieces require a bit more time in the drawing stage before the tattoo starts.  If DG chooses he will draw up your design on his time when you are not in the shop so he can play with compositions or work out details.  This will be a CONSULTATION appointment (see APPOINTMENTS below for more info on Consultations) and DG will email you your sketch prior to starting.

Now give DG Wilson a call to set up your appointment!  *If DG is working LEAVE A MESSAGE otherwise he will not know that you called.
DG says, "Of course the more you spend, the less it hurts!"

The Masterpieces Art Studio is very different than any other shop you may have explored.   Quietly located in the heart of Brooklyn NY, in Bedstuy Masterpieces is on a tree lined block surrounded by a church filled, old fashioned neighborhood. 

The studio is a testiment to the quality of art coming from DG Wilson's hands.  All you will see is hand painted murals, portraits, drawings, sculptures, tattoos and products by DG.  You will find yourself surrounded by high quality art and feel like you are in an artist's studio...NOT a typical tattoo parlor!

Masterpieces is devoted to the entire downstairs of a private building.  Here DG does all his art like paintings, drawings, books, he also promotes the business and tattoos.  Since DG lives on an upper floor of the building he has eliminated a great deal of cost from his business, such as rent and commute.  These savings and enjoyable atmosphere gives you the best art in the greatest artistic surroundings.  You will not be watched by gawkers, laughed at by nosey people that are just passing by, rather you will be with DG and your friends.  

DG likes a peaceful environment, (you want the artist that is going to hurt you feel happy not angry...right?)   Since he has such a great reputation DG has the luxary of working in a very private studio.  Here it is quiet, and peaceful, homey and relaxing.  Classical music that sooths the soul plays quietly, a small waterfall in a tank hosting live plants and fish further sooths you and puts your mind at ease.  You may even get to see one of DG's beautiful Bonsai's.
DG Wilson is fully licenced and his shop is very clean.  All working materials and surfaces are sterile.  Materials are disposable and single use, even the tubes.  The inks that DG uses are of the highest quality and of the purest organic content that he can find.

If you desire a work of art, a Masterpiece of a tattoo that is drawn just for you, and you want a grown up, enjoyable, sterile environment that is soul soothing then please visit Masterpieces Art Studio and talk to DG. 

Appointment only, no minors, you must be at least 18 to get a Masterpiece Tattoo.  Call for Appointment, do not knock on the door without one, (718) 398-6876.  If DG is working he will not be able to answer the phone, PLEASE leave a message, otherwise DG will not know that you had called.
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DG says, "I guarantee to make you look better than ME!"

Remember a tattoo is like a scratch.  Within a hour take off your bandage and wash your new Masterpiece gently with soap & water.  NO wash cloths or harsh rubbing. 
Pat dry with CLEAN towel. 
AFTER TATTOO and for next 2-3 days: Apply a thin, even layer of A&D, Baccatricine, or NeoSporin to your new tattoo with CLEAN HANDS. 
Repeat before bed.  (Note: ointment may stain bed sheets apply covering over tattoo to prevent stains.) 
When showering do not soak your tattoo,
(when we take baths we get wrinkled fingers if we soak too long,
DO NOT let this happen to your healing Masterpiece!) 
AFTER 2-3 DAYS SWITCH to moisture lotion.  Apply often daily for the next 2 weeks.
You should not get scabs (see video below for reasons) if you do the lotion will prevent damage to healing skin if the scab is accidently removed.
For optium results for the look of your Masterpiece Tattoo: Take vitamins daily, eat healthy, drink lots of fresh water.

Light lines happen and may be no one's fault.  If you see something that you would like touched up, call DG within 3 weeks from getting tattoo and it will be free.

When you leave the shop you have a beautiful Masterpiece.  There will be little to no blood during the process or after.  There will be no deep cuts, gouges or holes in you.  Your tattoo will heal up smooth and perfectly.  After YOU LEAVE THE SHOP it is up to YOU to take care of your tattoo!  Deep scabs and their removal will affect the length of healing time and the look of your tattoo when healed.  Fixing your tattoo will not be free in this case.
DG says, "If you are not 100% satisfied with your tattoo I will gladly Double your Pain Back FREE!"

There is a $50 minium at Masterpieces.  Larger work can be divided up into sessions where you can pay per session.  There is at least two weeks for healing between sessions.  Deposits for drawings and or tattoos goes toward your tattoo cost, it is not a different fee.

All work by DG Wilson is hand drawn to your specifications.  Since each piece is starting from a blank sheet you have the power at Masterpieces to tell DG about how much you wish to spend on your tattoo.  (More work, larger pieces and or more detail, color etc means more money.)  Please keep in mind that DG has a great many tricks up his sleeves.  He has been known to do large tattoos for a low price with some special effects he has developed over the years.  Sometimes these effects are more interesting than the regular tattoo style.  For example if you want a large tribal tattoo but don't have the large wallet, DG will suggest that you get the tribal you want but to shade the areas around the tribal rather than fill it in solid.  This will reduce the time spent on your image, thus working with your budget but it will give your tattoo a more unique look! 
This is a video made by DG Wilson about what happens to your skin during a tattoo and why you should take care of your new Masterpiece the way DG describes.
DG says, "I am an ARTIST that tattoos...NOT just another TATTOO Artist!"

DG Wilson graduated top of his class from Pratt Art Institute.  There he earned a BFA in Painting, with minors in both Drawing and Illustration.  DG attended Pratt through a full tuition scholarship which was won in the 1990 Pratt National Talent Search.  DG Wilson is a classically trained artist in a large variety of materials and medium. 

Even as a tattoo artist DG is one that continues to paint and draw a variety of subject material on his own.  This continues to improve his skill and give you the very best work of art.  DG Wilson's style and tattoo work is distinctive and of the highest quality.  His art stands above the rest because of his constant pursuit of perfection.  But the road from school to professional stability while still maintaining a high standard of art has been challenging.

To see much more original art by DG Wilson please click on the images to the right to be connected to
DG says, "All I want from you is an Arm & a Leg!"

DG Wilson works 8 days a week, 400 days a year.  There is ENOUGH DG for everyone. 
To get an appointment at Masterpieces is very easy, but you need to follow these simple steps. 

Figure out what you want, where you want it, and about how much you want to spend.
Call (718) 398-6876 for an appointment.  (You can email DG at MasterpiecesTattoos at but it is better and there is a faster response if you call.)  That's it.

When you call to make your appointment and you get the DG Answering Machine... USE IT!  If DG does not pick up that means he is busy working.  Leave a message with your name, phone number (say this twice to make sure it is clearly understood by DG) and he will get back to you.

PLEASE do not hang up and try calling again.  If you get the Machine DG is usually right there working and can hear your message.  If you call back or don't leave a message then DG will NOT know that you called, (he does NOT have caller ID and will not see your phone number.)  So leave that important message and be patient.

If you hang up and call again right away you irritate DG and disturb the work that he is doing on the current customer.  You don't really want to irritate the guy that is going to hurt you for your tattoo now do you?  Of course not. 

DG works very fast.  This means that there is a  short, if any waiting time for  your appointment.  Most people are turned into Masterpieces within the week.

DG Wilson will return your call IF the phone number is clear on the message.  In the case that you don't hear from DG within the day then call back and leave another message the following day.  DG is very busy and relies on that machine, but often there is background noise, bad connections and so on when the message is recorded so he may not be able to call you back...or he is just that busy. 
Remember Masterpieces is a one man show.  There is only one DG Wilson.  Work with him so he can do the best work for you.

CONSULTATIONS: These are appointments set up to discuss and draw a sketch for your detailed design while you are not in the shop.  Consultations require a $50 to 25% of your total tattoo cost to get a drawing from DG.  Some people want to have a Consultation to discuss and learn what is clearly described on this site, this is a waste of DG's valuable time.  If you wish to have DG come up with ideas that is worth his time.  If you want a drawing emailed to you though you will have to put down a deposit, which goes towards payment of your Masterpiece!
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(718) 398-6876
ALL work is hand drawn & Custom
All Masterpieces are Custom & Hand Drawn
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DG says, "Life doesn't have to be a struggle, it can be our own Masterpiece!"
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DG says, "Be a Masterpiece in life!"

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