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BLOG ENTRY:  by DG Wilson Feb 6, 2009

by DG Wilson Copyright Feb. 2009
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       Frank sat up straight.  He was suddenly very sick to his stomach!  Frank pushed himself away from the porn all over the computer screen.  He ran to the bathroom but did not make it.  For nearly twenty minutes Frank cleaned up the mess three feet from the bathroom door.
       He didn't know what had hit him.  It was a shock to him, he was never ill.  Frank was healthy, fit and full of strength it was a point of pride with him.  Even at his age he attracted the young girls.  He could pick up an elephant...well knock one out anyway.  But his Doctor had even said that was very strong and he had the heart of a clean living teen even though he was over fifty years old.  The Doctor check up had only been last week!
       Frank liked to impress people with his phisique so he never failed to work out.  It was a very strict regiment of discipline.  Get up, push a dumb bell around, jog, eat nothing unhealthy and lots of meditation.  Hell or high water he did his routine.  Frank never wanted to lose his looks or body.
       But he felt very sick.  Frank drove himself to the hospital.
       He didn't have insurance.  One of the reasons that he took such good care of his body, he could not afford to be ill.  Frank waited for 3 hours before the Emergency Room took him in. 
       In the little cubical cut off by a thin sheet Frank sat with apprehension.  His wife would be home soon from work.  She would miss him.  Frank had not even left a note.  She might get worried... or worse yet think he was with another hooker. 
       Get caught a half dozen times and your wife will never trust you again, Frank thought bitterly.  Then doubled over in pain in his groin.
       Finally a little female doctor that looked like she was born in India looked in and asked his name.  She didn't look very old not even old enough to hold a stethascope came in with a smile.  She studied his sheet on a clipboard and then asked him what the trouble was, "Where was the pain?"
       Frank sat up and said that he was feeling better.  He lied.  There was a severe itch in his privates, and he still felt like he was going to vomit all over the place.   He put on a good act for thirty seconds then scratched his groin like a mad man.
       "Well, let's have a look anyway."  She entered and put on a pair of gloves.  As soon as she approached him she stopped.  "Sir, do you have a fever?"  She could feel the heat coming from his body like a space heater on full.  With hand to his forehead she looked alarmed.  "How long have you had the high fever?  What other symptoms do you have?  Any mucas..."  She asked as she took out a disposable therometer and listed a great deal of symptoms that he did not have.  Frank broke his pride and told her what was bothering him.  But he still didn't like talking to a woman about his privates.
       "Doc, I got a really bad belly ache.  I feel sick, sicker than I have ever felt before but not like a cold or flu.  It is more like, deep inside of me."  Frank said as he searched for words.  "And I got a real bad my privates."
       "Let me see.  How long have you been feeling this way?"  She asked as she peered at his works. 
       "Just a few hours.  It hit me so sudden like, I came right over."
       The Doctor stopped asking another question in mid word.  A look of concern and fear crossed her brow.  Frank became even more alarmed.  "What is it Doc?!"
       "Have you seen this?  How long has this been there?"  She asked from his knees. 
       "I don't know what you are talking about, what do you see?  My ass?"        
       "No it is an oblong shape probably just a harmless cist... OH!" The young Doctor jumped back and fell to the floor.  She stared at his balls.  "Did you feel THAT?!"
       "Yeah, it hurt and now I itch there even more!  Excuse me Doc!"  Frank began to scratch himself vigorously right before her face.  It looked obscene.
       "Uh, let me go get another Doctor to have a look at that.  Just wait here...and don't scratch anymore!"  With that she backed out of the examination room.  The curtain whisped closed silently and lefthim alone with his thoughts and fears. 
       Moments later three other Doctors and the first to see him came inside.  It was suddenly very crowded to Frank.  Last thing he wanted was to be a peep show for the boys but he was very scared by then.  What did they see?  He had tried to look when he was alone after she left the first time but he couldn't see anything.  Frank had felt the lump but began to itch himself again until the other Doctors entered. 
       "Hi Mr. Walridge.  What do we have here today?  May I take a look please?"
       Reluctant, Frank opened his legs.  All of them bent down in unison.  It would have been funny if he had pants on.  After a moment they sucked in air with shock.  Faces peered up into Franks' and he did not like the concern on them.
       "What?!  What is it?!"  He asked in alarm sharply. 
       "Mr. Walridge, what are your sexual habits?  Have you been with any other person, or...had relations with, uh...any THING in the last six months?"
       "Oh Jesus!  Is that what it is?  I had the clap before but that burned, not itched!  What do you think it is that got me this time?!"  Frank sheepishly asked with head down.  He could not meet their eyes especially the woman.  "Yeah, I was with a hooker three days ago."
       Frank continued, "Now don't get me wrong!  I love my wife!  We been together through so much that I just don't know what I would do without her!  We can keep this between us right?  Just give me the shot and the pills...I'll take care of the rest."  Then Frank had a thought.  "This will go away right?"
       The Doctors looked at him then to each other.  They needed a moment they said.  They would be right back.  But they were gone for nearly half an hour.  Frank was terrified by then.
       A technician entered.  "Mr. Walridge I am going to take a few samples and we will get them tested for you right away.  Lie back please this won't hurt a bit!"  Frank followed the direction.  As soon as the young man was at work down there Frank heard an alarmed cry!
       "What, what is it son?!"   His heart tripped in panic.  Doctors, technicians all saw a lot of horrors day in and day out.  That was why not everyone was cut out for the doctor work...but when THEY got scared it really bothered a guy!
       "IT MOVED!  I touched it real gently and it moved!  What is that?!"  The Tech said as he ran out.  Frank was devastated.  It was serious.  Really serious.    He wasn't going to keep this one from his wife.
       He loved her, but damn if he could not settle down and screw the same woman for the rest of his life!  Frank felt attraction to her, was a good lover once a month...but he needed more.  Frank had always had a pension, an urge for other women.  Sadly, the more damaged they were the better.   He didn't know why he liked broken, diseased women.  They turned him on in a way that his wife never would.  In fact, he imagined his wife was a cracked out whore he picked up in a dirty alley more times than not when they had sex. 
       She had found out years ago.  He had sworn that he would stop but finally admitted that he never could.  THEY were his drug, and to fuck them in the back of his car was to supply them the money for theirs.  It was a perfect harmony that he obcessed over.
       Just at the moment the technician fell to the floor in shock Frank felt a terrible burning in his balls.  It was a tremendous itch that made him want to scratch through is skin and claw his bones.  Frank madly tore at his legs just below his testicles.  He scratched like a madman. 
       "Sir, sir!  Don't do that!  You are making it worse!"  The first Doctor said as she peered in.  The Tech. had startled her and she could not resist a look.  What she saw startled her even more.  "Sir,, oh GOD!" 
       "WHAT IS THAT?!"  The Tech. screamed.   He dropped his sample collection equipment and backed away from the frantic man clawing at his penis.  The Tech. backed right  into a tray with wheels.  It clattered noisily and fell to the floor.   Doctors rushed into the room with security.
       They stopped in horror.  Frank was covered in blood and screamed a high pitched whistle like a kettle at boil.  He hooted and woofed as he tore through his flesh in an attempt to remove an maddening itch.  Blood dripped to the floor and sprayed the entire room.
       Frank started to scream even higher in pitch, and scream and scream until he sounded like a burning baboon.  Then died.
       Flesh colored bugs emptied from his testicles, penis and open wounds he scratched into his thighs.  They fell to the floor with wet sounds and scuttled away from the pool of blood.  Only the Tech. had the presence of mind to step on them before they got away.  The female Doctor threw up all over herself.  The other Doctors tried to revive Frank in a half hearted try... but it was too late.  
       One told the Tech to take bugs as samples and get them tested immediately.  The bugs continued to spill from Franks' crotch.  He then gagged into his mask and ran out.
       The Center for Disease Control was contacted.  In full protective gear Stan entered the Emergency Room.  He went right to Franks' body.  Stan studied the entire corpse and was suddenly very scared.  This was unlike anything he had ever seen. 
       There was blood everywhere in spattered dots and in pools.  A man lay on his back with an expression of pure torment.  The victims legs and reproductive organs were torn and shredded by his own fingernails.  Bugs dropped out of his body cavity and spilled to the floor.
       Stan barely held back a surge of vomit.
       About a hundred of the bugs were still on the floor below the man.  A few latecomers straggled slowly out of the body and fell before Stan.  He bent and picked up one with the tweezers he held.  He placed it into a clear plastic specime container.  Near his goggles he examined it.  With shock he realized that it looked like a large waterbug, a cockroach covered in blood and gore.  It was placed into a hard evidence collection container.  Stan stared at it with a sense of horror. 
       The insect seemed to want to attack him!  It seemed as if it actually tried to get through the container... to get to HIM!  Unlike another insect trapped this one did not scutter all around the confines of the prison.  This one only tried to claw through ONLY the side facing Stan.  If he turned the container the bug went to the side closest to his face!

       Several weeks later the television news was on in the living room.  "Marcy?  Could you turn that up please?"  Jans' daughter stopped coloring and ran to the TV.  The volume was raised high enough so her mother could hear it in the kitchen. 
       The reporter continued, "And it seems as if this is not a local occurance.  The CDC has discovered similar cases throughout the world.  Disturbing and mysterious exactly what are the bugs and where did they come from?"
       Jan stopped washing the dishes.
       "Symptoms include severe itching, extreme high fever, vomiting and lumps that move under the skin near the reproductive organs.  If you have any of these symptoms go to your nearest ER immediately!" 
       The next shot was of a man in a dark blue suit from the CDC head quarters.  He bent his head unprofessionally and spoke into a microphone at the packed press meeting.  The media jumped up with shouted questions.  "We don't know what they are at this time."  The suit said.   They appear to be an extremely aggressive form of cockroach that is transmitted through sexual intimacy.  We don't know much more than that, other than it appears they originated with prostitutes that suffered from a specific combination of four different Venereal diseases at the time of intercourse.  That is why it is important that anyone with symptoms come in so we can contain this!"

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